Nationals Report

This month, fourteen of the Edmonton Aurors traveled to Kingston, Ontario to play for the Alberta Clippers at Quidditch Canada’s National Championship.  It was a great weekend full of many learning opportunities for our players.

The tournament was incredibly emotional as the Edmonton Aurors gave it their all, playing like they never have before.  It’s clear that they are no longer the same rookies many of them were just a few months ago.

They ended the tournament with an even record, three wins and three loses.  Two of those loses were by a margin of ten points, after snitch catch, in overtime.

Not only was it an opportunity to learn from some of the best quidditch players in Canada, it also marked the beginning of some great new friendships.

Kim Mickelson, who joined the Edmonton Aurors this year, had this to say of her experience at Nationals: “It was an amazing experience with a steep learning curve, but having such a supporting and encouraging team gave me the confidence to compete and to play our game. My only quidditch regret is that I didn’t join sooner.”

Coming down from the excitement of Nationals, the Aurors look forward to defend their title at the third Alberta small teams tournament of the season, Bayonets and Bludgers, in Edmonton on May 15th.

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– Brent W., beater

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