Solsnitch Showdown: Purple Prevails

On Saturday, June 25, players from all over North America convened in Edmonton for Summer Solsnitch, the second annual Canadian Western Fantasy tournament.

Despite a morning of rain, the teams played on and the weather brightened up. Six teams – Red Squadron, Salt City Shakers, Gingersnaps, Teal Titans GO!, Grape Balls of Fire, and Pink Panthers – all competed in a minimum of five games to try to take home the title of Summer Solsnitch champions.

The tournament came down to Red Squadron, led by Michelle Ferguson, against Grape Balls of Fire, led by Hasan Ahmad.  In the end, the first place prize was taken by Grape Balls of Fire with a very close score of 100* to 80.

David Chapman 1
The Grape Balls of Fire celebrate Hasan Ahmad’s tournament-winning snitch catch at Canadian Western Fantasy 2016: Summer Solsnitch // Photo by David Chapman

The tournament included three skills contests where players could compete to prove themselves in one of three areas: speed (players must beat a target or score a goal as fast as possible from a brooms-up), all-around skill (players make passes, goals, beats, and a snitch grab as fast as possible), and dunking (players are awarded points for most stylish dunks).

David Chapman 2
Christopher Day gets creative during the Solsnitch dunk contest // Photo by David Chapman

Joel Martens took the top speed for a chaser with a time of 4.53, while Jacob Keith had the top speed for beaters at 4.97.  For the all-around skills contest, Hasan Ahmad took first place with a time of 38.13, and the dunk contest was won by Christopher Day with a score of 101 points.

If you’re interested in trying out quidditch, go to or to find a team near you.

From Edmonton? Meet us at Kinsmen Park on Sundays at 1:30pm and Wednesdays at 7:00pm, or come out to our open house this Canada Day at Hawrelak Park at 11:00 am.

– Brent W., beater

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