Two local players represent Canada at Quidditch World Cup


Ever wonder how big quidditch actually is?

This coming weekend, two of Edmonton Aurors’ very own, Chris Radojewski (head coach and chaser) and Michelle Ferguson (chaser), will be playing for Team Canada at the International Quidditch Association’s World Cup 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany. Players from all over Canada tried out for an elusive spot on the Team Canada roster. The result is 21 of Canada’s best quidditch players giving it their all to take home first place.

According to Chris, “Team Canada is an experienced team with lots of depth. We are excited going in to the tournament with a team that has incredible skills. Playing a number of other teams from around the world is a great experience for our players, and at the same time we are excited to show them what we can deliver. I am personally very happy to be representing Edmonton and the Aurors in Frankfurt. Thanks to the support of the team, I’ve been able to ensure I am prepared to play.”

On Thursday afternoon in Frankfurt, Team Canada opened the tournament with an exposition game against the United Kingdom National Team, beating out the Brits with a score of 90*-40.

This is a strong start for Chris and Michelle, both of whom had the privilege of representing Canada at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup when it was held on Canadian soil in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Two years ago, Team Canada took third place after losing a spot in the final to Australia’s national team. This year, they hope to make it to the podium once more, maybe even beating out the current quidditch powerhouse, team USA.

To hear Michelle and Chris talk about the upcoming tournament, check out their recent interview with CBC Radio.

If you’d like to follow along, check out @qcteamcanada, @qcscores@QuidditchWC2016, and @quidditchpost on Twitter, or find QuidditchCanada on Snapchat. Also, stay tuned for a follow-up post on the results of Team Canada’s efforts at this year’s World Cup.

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