Our Coaches- Competitive

Chris (He/Him)

Head Coach

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Chris has been coaching and playing quidditch since 2011. He’s played for five club teams across North America and has represented Canada internationally four times. In his spare time, he works in trade and investment attraction for the Government of Alberta, volunteers, and loves to travel and explore.

Cayley (She/Her)

Assistant Coach


Cayley has played quidditch for almost four years, and has been the assistant coach of the Edmonton Aurors for the last two seasons. She was selected in 2018 to play with Quidditch Canada’s Standing National Team. When not playing or reffing quidditch, Cayley coaches alpine ski racing, plays ultimate frisbee, and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English at the University of Alberta. She enjoys how quidditch lets her throw things at people and still be friends at the end of the game.

Claire (She/Her)

Team Manager

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Claire will be team manager for this season. Claire has been playing quidditch in Edmonton for 2 years. Claire loves quidditch for its competitive aspect, but also for how much her teammates make her laugh. She also enjoys playing basketball, identifying plants, and working in forests.