Our Executives


Soleil (She/Her)


Hello, I’m the president of the Edmonton Aurors and am starting my second year in this role. I have been playing quidditch for three years and am passionate about growing the sport within Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada. My favourite thing about quidditch is its inclusivity to everyone no matter the gender, age, or skill level! I work as a nanny/early childhood educator. When I’m not working, playing or organizing quidditch, I am usually reading, cooking, hiking, or enjoying a good board game.


Jenna (They/Them)

Vice President

Hi! I’m the vice president of the Edmonton Aurors. I’ve been playing quidditch since September 2018. I love the inclusivity of quidditch and how you can play a super intense sport or just a chill game with friends. When I’m not doing quidditch things I am either working at the library, playing my French Horn, or listening to some music/podcast/audiobook.


Cayley (She/Her)


Cayley has played quidditch for almost four years, and has been the assistant coach of the Edmonton Aurors for the last two seasons. She was selected in 2018 to play with Quidditch Canada’s Standing National Team. When not playing or reffing quidditch, Cayley coaches alpine ski racing, plays ultimate frisbee, and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English at the University of Alberta. She enjoys how quidditch lets her throw things at people and still be friends at the end of the game.


Pearse (He/Him)

External Relations Director

Pearse has been playing Quidditch for almost four years, with the Edmonton Aurors. Since becoming the External Relations Director, Pearse has been working on starting a Youth Quidditch Program (Kidditch) in the city. While not playing Quidditch Pearse is attending University at NAIT to earn his BBA in Finance, and is an active Scout Leader and Ski Instructor.  


Kristin (She/Her)

Marketing and Communications Director

Kristin started playing quidditch for the Edmonton Aurors in September 2018. What started as a nerdy way to get fit has turned into a full blown obsession for the sport and the community it fosters. Outside of quidditch, Kristin works as a web developer, volunteers with the Canada Learning Code and stays hopelessly optimistic about the Oilers’ playoff chances.